V8 Power Still Available



Despite all the breast beating, wailing and gnashing of teeth about `no more V8 engines’ in Australia once local manufacturing ceases, it’s not as bad as you might think.

For starters, Holden is still selling half a dozen models at least with V8 power, Ford has the V8 Mustang and there are about five European brands with V8s in their lineup.

You can put money on HSV salting away as many Commodores as they can to continue their high performance range well after locally built Commodore drops off the twig.

Audi has three or four if you count their V8 diesel, Benz and BMW have about the same, Range Rover has a couple of V8s and there is always the Chrysler 300 if you want to take a punt on reliability and resale versus V8 appeal. Let’s not forget Jaguar, plenty of V8s there.

Lexus has a few V8s too, so does Toyota  (LandCruiser) and Infiniti also has one in the god awful QX80, the ugliest car in the world.



The Japanese and European V8 powered cars are exey to say the least so if it’s value for money you’re after and you don’t mind ancient push rod technology, get in and order your Holden Commodore SS, SS-V, Redline, Caprice  V or Calais sedan soonish. Not forgetting the Commodore V8 ute range as well.

See, forgot about them didn’t you.

I reckon if you are a V8 nut and you buy a V8 Commodore based car right now, you might have grown out of it by the time it’s stuffed in six or seven years. You can always recondition the engine as required if you wanted to continue having a V8 love affair.

It’s definitely worth a thought. 

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