Uber on a Roll

For many people in the big cities, Uber is now the preferred ‘taxi’ service over traditional cabs.

During normal hours, Uber is much cheaper and often quicker to arrive than a regular cab.

In my experience, a cab fare of 50 bucks will cost roughly 25 bucks with Uber, no wonder people are switching in droves and no wonder traditional cabs have released their own App with tracking system… just like Uber.


Personal experience with the newcomer has been positive in every case except one when a Uber driver turned his car around and went the other way. A message was sent, “Where are you going’’ and within a minute the ‘hailed’ driver flicked off so another Uber driver could take the fare.

Problem was it was a 20 minute wait for the first driver to make up his mind that he didn’t want the fare.


OK, it is one small complaint from maybe 50 Uber trips and every other one was quick to arrive, drove the most direct route, had a decent conversation and didn’t cost much.

Pity our country cousins are likely to miss out on this great service.

Wonder how long before traditional cab owners lobby hard enough to get Uber nobbled…

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