Tom’s 2004 Nissan Navara D22 3.0Di ST-R

Tom’s 2004 Nissan D22 Navara 3.0Di ST-R 

My dad loves fast cars but I love off roading (and track days in his cars) so when this ute came up for sale in Canberra a few years ago it ticked all the boxes.

The D22 has a strong, old school 3.0-litre turbodiesel engine and I’ve modified and repaired it to the condition I like which allows me to go pretty much anywhere off road – and then to work every day. It gets a 4-inch lift kit and runs chrome moly front suspension and steering.

It’s made in Japan so mechanically the Navara is pretty reliable and tough. It has full diff’ breathers back to the engine bay, renowned Nissan LSDs, manual hubs, torsion bar front suspension, a four leaf spring pack at the back so it can flex, factory reinforced chassis and heaps of other cool stuff you don’t get on some other utes.

I love the LED headlights and tail lights, the rumbling 3-inch exhaust and the dual battery system. Exhaust modifications make it run better and cleaner and the ECU has been chipped for more power and torque.

I am now setting the D22 up as a full on camper and hope to go to Wilpena Pound in it with some mates next year.


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