Tolls…a Fair Go?

sydney motorway tolls

Not counting Darwin and Canberra which aren’t technically ‘state’ capitals, apparently Adelaide is the only mainland state capital in Australia that isn’t infected by toll roads with ruthlessly increasing charges.

It almost makes you want to move there straight away.

Toll roads have been around for yonks but have really proliferated in the past decade as state governments realised they could offload the cost of building new roads ultimately onto users, pocket all the money they suck out of motorists in taxes at a number of levels and give their mates hugely profitable enterprises that often don’t deliver on their promise of speedy travel from point A to B.

The concept of user pays is trotted out in defence of these ‘private’ roads  but that’s really taking liberties as the user has already paid through the taxation system on fuel, GST, sales tax, licences, fines, levies and other touch ups.

So what we have now is a system of user pays, and pays and pays.

It’s hardly equitable or a fair cop when you look at it in the cold hard light of day.

It’s a rip off that discriminates against a certain group of people in the community.. those who need to commute to work by car..

What is really going to be interesting is what governments will do for funds when cars have been driven out of existence.

No doubt, they will probably find something else to quench their insatiable appetites for money like a window tax they had centuries ago.

Now there’s a good idea…

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