Penny drops on tolls?

Penny Drops On Tolls

Wow, why did it take so long for NSW bureaucrats to get the message about excessive tolls on roads around Sydney?

Now, there is a suggestion tolls on the growing network should be capped after it was revealed at an inquiry that half the city’s population will be financially disadvantaged by excessive tolls

$40 a day

From some outer urban areas tolls will amount to nearly $40 a day for a return trip to the CBD while from other areas, tolls will be less than half that.

The inquiry found there was a `disproportionate impact’ on residents from Sydney’s west.

But Coalition members at the inquiry were not in favour of a network-wide cap on tolls saying the proposal should be further investigated by the NSW Government.


Their reasoning is that a cap could result in taxpayers in regional areas effectively subsidising heavy users of toll roads in Sydney.

That would be novel, farmers subsidising city slickers.

One wonders how long the toll cap review will take. It certainly won’t happen quickly based on where discussions are right now.

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