Gone Parking Mad


Aussie airports are among the worst offenders when it comes to reaming punters for parking their car.

It’s well over a hundred bucks a day at Sydney Airport these days and close to that in Melbourne. I suspect Brizzy and Adelaide wouldn’t be cheap either.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find the combined parking `earn’ from Australia’s (now) private major airports would approach a billion a year.


That’s an obscene ’s amount of money for doing nothing more than provide 24 square metres of concrete for a day, sometimes not even under cover.

Many businesses including big companies are getting in on the act too, snipping punters to park in private car parks to go and do business within.

What is particularly irksome is when grocery retailers for example charge you to park near or under their shop to go and spend money. How does that work? Don’t they make enough at the checkout?


It’s a bit bloody rude if you ask me.

The parking rip-off disease has spread far and wide to the point where (mostly city) councils now rely on millions in parking revenue and fines to balance their books and pay for the gravy train.

They resort to using sophisticated number plate recognition against their constituents to catch them out and give them a good reaming of the pocket as well as a slap on the wrist for good measure.

Something to remember is that these privately owned carparks will often issue `fines’ for people who overstay or aren’t entitled to park there. The point is they have no authority to issue fines at all.


It’s all a bluff. Chuck them in the bin but don’t tempt fate too much.

I don’t think airports would have the authority to fine people either. It would be like me issuing a fine for somebody who parked across my drive….

No chance.

Get a motorbike, park pretty much anywhere you like, even behind the tool shed… haha.

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