Pedestrian Pests


Every driver is a pedestrian so why do so many of us have such a bad attitude, sense of entitlement or descend into a trance when we get out of the car and onto our feet.

Some idiot the other day tried to cross a six lane inner city freeway in front of me, sprinting out from Maccas with his bag of food, cap on backwards, sunnies on, thongs flappin’…. in front of high speed traffic including B-double trucks and buses.


There was a concrete wall in the median strip about a metre high but he jumped across it, without looking at oncoming traffic and sprinted for the other side. Needless to say, cars and trucks had to screech to a halt to avoid cleaning him up which in itself nearly caused a collision that could have involved dozens of vehicles.


Drivers sounded their horns at this idiot and he simply turned around as he got in his car and gave them the finger.

What an arrogant wanker.

This is where the law of natural selection might have come into play.

One hopes this idiot’s genes stop with him.


The point is pedestrians need wise up, pull the earphones out of their ears, open their eyes, look left and right (yes), pay attention and maybe even develop some courtesy.

Bad pedestrian behaviour is rampant and is a major problem in our community. Something needs to be done to change it… maybe even pedestrian wardens might work.

However, there’s not much you can do to fix stupidity.

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