Regulating mobility scooters?


In his later years, my dear old dad used to ride around on one of those four wheel mobility scooters…. and he created havoc pretty much wherever he went running into people on the footpath, crashing off gutters and driving it like a car on the road.
The battery powered vehicle copped a flogging too resulting in sundry parts breaking or falling off. And maintenance was zero.


Aged or disabled people need their mobility but the risk to the community with these “scooters’’ can be excessive especially in the case of aged users.

Barely a day passes without seeing a mobility scooter whizzing along the footpath or on the road mixing it with cars and trucks.

An elderly bloke up the road takes incredible risks when he `drives’ his on an 80kmh stretch of road about a metre out from the shoulder. I have half expected to see him on the 110kmh freeway verge.


Cars and trucks have to swerve to avoid him which becomes problematic around blind corners or over hills.

If governments are unwilling to regulate the use of these vehicles, then families should rise to the challenge and supervise mobility scooter use especially when an older person is involved who may be vision or mentally impaired to say nothing of physical issues they may have such as arthritis.


I think they call it tough love.

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