The ‘Kerto’ Bus

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Having a courtesy bus (kerto) at your disposal is a great advantage of living in the 21st century.

You get it to pick you up before your night out, have a few drinks and then it takes you home…. happy days.

But where does `courtesy’ end and `taking liberties’ start?


Etiquette would dictate a `kerto’ should only operate within a few kilometres or `drawing area’ of the organisation that runs it. That’s a fair cop.

However, if a large group wants to use the `kerto’ to get to and from a venue, with advance notice it’s up to the discretion of the owner/operator.

I reckon once a kerto commitment is made to a punter or punters, it must be fulfilled so that means no getting there late for a pick up and no whingeing when the big group wants to go home outside the drawing area late in the night…

What do you think?

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  1. Agree with the kerto discussion absolutely, this happened to some friends of mine the other week, over an hour late to pick them up when it had been arranged days prior to the date, and then abusing them on the ride home for not being there when he finally arrived to pick them up (a friend ended up taking them to the venue luckily). Then to top it off he kicked them off the bus a long way from where they were going.

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