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French Drivers In For A Shock

What is this obsession with fully electric cars.Nobody in their right mind wants one and that isn’t likely to change any time soon because the damn things are just impractical. 

However, France last week announced it was going fully electric by 2040…ooooh-la-la.

La-la land more like.

That’s 23 years time by the way. Do they have a crystal ball strong enough to see that far into the future?

Not a chance.


The new French government is having a punt politically and on future technology possibly to get people in that country thinking about other things apart from a tanking economy, rampant unchecked immigration, the undermining of their culture, job losses and terrorism.

The frogs have obviously discarded the notion of fuel cell cars (which are more likely that far down the track) or hybrids utilising a mix of powertrain technology.

They think `golf carts’ are the way to go.

Current electric cars are fairly useless piles of poo because they don’t go far enough on a charge, Teslas included. And nearly all of them look kooky for some reason?


That will no doubt change in 23 years but electric cars have other issues apart from limited range such as the toxic levels of contaminants generated during manufacture and what to do with batteries once they pass their use by dates.

By the way, where does the electricity come from?

In France it’s from nuclear power stations that’s where, hopefully in sound working order.

Then there is the not insignificant problem of replacing an entire `world’ of fossil fuel delivery infrastructure for electricity.

That might cost a few billion bucks or twenty.

How will French manufacturers survive if the rest of Europe doesn’t go entirely down the electric vehicle path?

Granted, batteries will have improved by then but it’s taken a long, long time to get where they are now which is not that much better than they were a decade ago.

I don’t know, seems like a whole lot of souffle to me.

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