Fiesta ST Loses a Cylinder

ford fiesta st

What tha…Ford’s new Fiesta ST hot hatch has a three pot turbo petrol engine.

It’s a case of downsizing gone nuts and who in their right mind would spend around $30 grand on a ‘sporty’ car with a ride-on lawnmower engine?

Sure, it has a decent amount of power and torque (149kW-290Nm) but seriously, a 1.5-litre three banger?

In three or five doors now presumably to appeal to the ‘family’ buyer….. go figure.

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    • Hi Scott.
      It was nice to make your acquaintance at the Kurri Nostalgia weekend. My 1946 street rod Freddy was lucky to pick up two trophy,s in the show and shine. I hope your site is a great success mate.

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