Electric Vehicle Super Highway in QLD


No doubt due to heavy lobbying from vested interests and its green tinge, the Queensland government has just announced plans to set up an electric vehicle “super highway,’ basically a string of plug-in points, from the Gold Coast to Cairns to try and promote greater use of EVs.

Nowhere else in the world currently has anything similar.

It is a tempting prospect as initially, the service will be free of charge dramatically reducing vehicle running costs.


Bearing in mind recent hefty hikes in electricity prices and the fact that most of the country’s electricity generation network is privately owned, free electricity for EVs won’t last long.

There are a few other curly issues to grapple with before we all start clapping, one of which is EV sales are in the toilet because they cost too much.

Very few people in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter are willing to put down (a lot) of money on an EV.

When prices get down to the same level as conventionally powered cars, EVs might become a more attractive proposition.

But then there’s the time taken to recharge an EV which is coming down but is not within cooee of putting a bowser nozzle into the tank, squeezing for a couple of minutes then driving away – for hundreds more kilometres non-stop if required.

Recharging an EV will possibly give you a coffee addiction caused by the number of recharge stops you will have to make, and the time taken to recharge.

Something else to consider is that heavy vehicles account for a large proportion of vehicle emissions  and apart from city/urban buses  which lend themselves to electrification, heavy vehicles will likely stay diesel powered into the foreseeable future.

Just as well Queensland’s Electric Super Highway will only cost a few million to set up.

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