Don’s C4 Corvette



Hi my name is Don and I’m from NSW, I Just want to say that I love my 1984 C4 Corvette! I found this car on the net in California.

My C4 Corvette landed in Aus. in Dec 2015 and after a few bulbs replaced, it was registered. The car has a brilliant paint job, all new interior, late model ZR1 17” wheels and everything on the car worked.

I’ve had the car for 18months now and when I get into my C4, it puts me into a whole different realm. The interior in the C4 feels secure with more creature comforts, has a cockpit feel and the seats hug your body tight unlike other sports cars.

This Corvette is rare here in Aus. as it’s a manual, from 1984 through 1988; the Corvette was available with a Doug Nash “4+3” transmission – a 4-speed manual coupled to an overdrive on the top three gears.

There have been a number of other items I have replaced on the car that would add up to $800.00. It’s a great car with plenty of power where you need it on those sunny days.



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