Commodore Why Bother

Will Punters Really Buy A European ‘Commodore’?

Can’t really understand why Holden is bothering with a new Commodore after it pulls the pin on local manufacturing in a few months.

They should just bury the name and get on with it.

There are plenty of sales to pursue in other segments especially as the large car class has been decimated by small and medium SUVs to say nothing of one tonne utes.

Aussies are voting with their wallet when it comes to car choice and an SUV or ute is obviously a much better all round proposition in these lifestyle-centric days.

It wouldn’t be surprising if buying a Commodore becomes the object of derision especially as it will be a front wheel drive (or all wheel drive) Opel Insignia re-calibrated for local consumption.


When Nissan pulled the pin on local manufacturing last century, it suffered extreme buyer backlash to the point where sales plummeted from number four or five position on the charts to number 10 and they still haven’t recovered.

It wouldn’t surprise if something similar happened to Holden though they do have a fat marketing budget (thanks largely to Australian taxpayers) and an available inventory of some pretty impressive vehicles, notably the new Astra hatch and possibly US-sourced products if right hand steer models can be squeezed through head office.


As it stands, Holden’s range is basically out of Daewoo from Korea with some Thai and Euro products thrown in the mix.

It certainly isn’t football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars if you get my drift.

Having said all that, the company does employ thousands if you include the parts and dealer groups. Some dealers are being culled but the employment count would still be in the 10s of thousands.

So let’s hope Holden sales stay buoyant even with a Commodore fizzer…… if only for the country’s sake.

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