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Give Us A Brake

May 31, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Oh, Just Stop It Autonomous Emergency Braking There’s plenty of `white noise’ floating around right now about autonomous emergency braking  (AEB) being compulsory in cars soon. Some motoring groups are lobbying for AEB to be […]

Tolls…a Fair Go?

May 28, 2017 Peter Barnwell 2

Not counting Darwin and Canberra which aren’t technically ‘state’ capitals, apparently Adelaide is the only mainland state capital in Australia that isn’t infected by toll roads with ruthlessly increasing charges. It almost makes you want […]

The ‘Kerto’ Bus

May 23, 2017 Peter Barnwell 2

Having a courtesy bus (kerto) at your disposal is a great advantage of living in the 21st century. You get it to pick you up before your night out, have a few drinks and then […]

Traffic Lights

May 19, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Yes, they are necessary, but some traffic lights aren’t calibrated correctly giving drivers mere seconds to go. Timed one at a major intersection the other day at 7 seconds. Then there are those that activate […]

No Cheapie

May 19, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Honda has just launched a new Civic hatch but hits the market with a steepish $22,390 price tag for the VTi auto which is the kick off point. What, no manual? Nope, they couldn’t get […]

Holden’s Profit

May 19, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Holden reported a ‘profit’ of nearly $153m last year which is astounding given the fact that it is winding up Australian manufacturing and has lost market share to about 8%. Scratch a little deeper and […]


May 19, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

  Here we go again more drivel about the end of conventional cars as we know them…. to be replaced we are told by “driverless” cars before 2020 which allegedly won’t be capable of having […]

Fiesta ST Loses a Cylinder

March 21, 2017 Peter Barnwell 2

What tha…Ford’s new Fiesta ST hot hatch has a three pot turbo petrol engine. It’s a case of downsizing gone nuts and who in their right mind would spend around $30 grand on a ‘sporty’ […]

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