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Too Many Cars of the Year

December 5, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

CAR OF THE YEAR JIBBER JABBER Thank god the annual Car(s) of the Year circus is over. What makes me laugh is the sycophantic nature of many awards where there isn’t one stand out car […]

Penny drops on tolls?

October 23, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Penny Drops On Tolls Wow, why did it take so long for NSW bureaucrats to get the message about excessive tolls on roads around Sydney? Now, there is a suggestion tolls on the growing network […]

Regulating mobility scooters?

September 3, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

TOUGH LOVE FOR MOBILITY SCOOTERS In his later years, my dear old dad used to ride around on one of those four wheel mobility scooters…. and he created havoc pretty much wherever he went running […]

Gone Parking Mad

August 7, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

GONE PARKING MAD Aussie airports are among the worst offenders when it comes to reaming punters for parking their car. It’s well over a hundred bucks a day at Sydney Airport these days and close […]

Carbon Tax on Cars

July 16, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

MORE CARBON TAX RUMBLINGS When a Federal Government minister flatly denies a new carbon tax is being proposed for cars you know there’s a fairly strong chance they are considering just that. It’s called `kite […]

Electric Frogs

July 9, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

French Drivers In For A Shock What is this obsession with fully electric cars.Nobody in their right mind wants one and that isn’t likely to change any time soon because the damn things are just […]

Pedestrian Pests

July 6, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

BAD BEHAVIOUR RAMPANT Every driver is a pedestrian so why do so many of us have such a bad attitude, sense of entitlement or descend into a trance when we get out of the car […]

Uber on a Roll

June 28, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

For many people in the big cities, Uber is now the preferred ‘taxi’ service over traditional cabs. During normal hours, Uber is much cheaper and often quicker to arrive than a regular cab. In my […]

V8 Power Still Available

June 23, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

FEAST FOR V8 ENGINE LOVERS PLENTY OF V8 POWER AVAILABLE Despite all the breast beating, wailing and gnashing of teeth about `no more V8 engines’ in Australia once local manufacturing ceases, it’s not as bad […]

Commodore Why Bother

June 18, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Will Punters Really Buy A European ‘Commodore’? Can’t really understand why Holden is bothering with a new Commodore after it pulls the pin on local manufacturing in a few months. They should just bury the […]

Car Fails

June 7, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

Cars Aren’t Infallible ‘Fails’ Are Here To Stay… Unfortunately. Just because we live in the 21st century and car manufacturing is mostly automated doesn’t mean we should expect them unequivocally to deliver reliability, quality, safety, […]

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