Too Many Cars of the Year


Thank god the annual Car(s) of the Year circus is over.

What makes me laugh is the sycophantic nature of many awards where there isn’t one stand out car of the year, instead there are up to a DOZEN.

Because it’s all advertising driven.

The publications in whatever form they are don’t want to offend advertisers who spend millions in their publication so …. everyone gets a gong.

Laughable isn’t it.

The original concept back in the day was for one car to get the award because of consensus among `expert’ road testers.

Fair enough.

Get a few of the favourites, drive them back to back and thrash out a winner.

Or you can go all scientific like the state motoring associations and get out the calculator to decide the winner or in their case, a dozen winners.

See, that right there undermines the whole process though the motoring association’s approach does have merit.

Others just sit around with a few beers and pick their fave.

Trouble is, some dull witted punters believe the `awards’ and go buy the winning car.

It’s giggles all round really.

Love the way many of the publications can’t wait until the actual end of the year before cranking up the awards. They start in October. So it should be called Car of the 3/4 Year.

What a crock.

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