Car Fails

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Cars Aren’t Infallible

‘Fails’ Are Here To Stay… Unfortunately.

Just because we live in the 21st century and car manufacturing is mostly automated doesn’t mean we should expect them unequivocally to deliver reliability, quality, safety, economy, comfort and everything else the average owner wants from his or her wheels.

Take the Alfa Giulietta S2 driven six months ago – the dash started falling out (see pic) and didn’t want to go back into place. Should have known. The same car’s dual clutch TCT transmission didn’t know whether it was Arthur or Martha….


A high priced V10 German sports car we had a while back at the track overheated its automated single clutch transmission and went into limp home mode. So did the Subaru Levorg GTS, engine and CVT transmission overheated. It was a hot day though.

The Hyundai i40’s remote unlock had a mind of its own – someone must have dropped it in a puddle. Watch that one…

Believe it or not, some cars still have key unlock for the fuel cap and some of those are not the same as the ignition key.

Gofigure, and don’t lose that key.

There’s the electric handbrake that comes on or off in its own good time and the button start/stop, that can catch you out leaving the ignition on, forcing you to get back in the car to turn it off again. Where’s the sense in that and it’s worse in hybrids.


Don’t get me started on Bluetooth phone hookups.

Some are excellent and some are abysmal, especially those that disconnect for no apparent reason or have extremely poor voice reproduction and reception. And what about the Bluetooth that needs to be re-selected every time you get in the car.
Come on ….

Headlights are another source of complaint because many are cheap, dull orange orbs that do precious little by way of illumination.

And the covers yellow too quickly as well.

Loved the leaking sunroof in the Tesla we drove last year, not.


Then of course there was the Everest that caught fire of its own volition with only the “Adblue’ urea light giving any warning. It had nearly a full tank of Adblue but those careless dock workers in Thailand didn’t do up the battery terminals tight enough…….

There are no doubt thousands of `fail’ yarns, send ’em in, let’s hear what you have to say.

Drive carefully.

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