Barney’s Evo 6

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Mitsubishi Evo 6

Barney’s Evo

I love driving my 1999 Evo 6 `bitsa’ because it’s bad-ass and looks bog stock.

It sees plenty of track work and is a fast car by any measure.

Particularly pleasing is when I hose off late model performance cars in a straight line, around corners and under brakes.

Makes you feel pretty bloody good when you do that in your 18 year old, $35 grand Japanese sedan.


Smells great too – yep, runs on E85 so it’s like having a brewery in the boot.

My blue 1999 Evo6 has a chequered past starting out as a training car for some random Japan-based rally team back in the early noughties.

It wound up here with an owner who spent tens of thousands on it including the striking metallic blue duco.

But whoever built the engine stuffed it up big time by leaving out crank end float bearings with predictable results.


So the owner took it to Ralliart in Melbourne for a rebuild quote and must have been shocked by the numbers so he left it at Ralliart for the next SIX years and never returned.

That’s how I came by the Evo 6 bitsa which has a range of components lifted from various Evo 6 models including Makinen and RS models.

The car went to Denstoj Automotive in Newcastle for an engine which is now a 2.3 stroker with about 290kW and 560Nm at the wheels.

It has a 4G64 crank out of a Mitsubishi commercial vehicle, Tomei rods and Wiseco forged pistons taking boost from an ATP GT3076 turbo.

The exhaust is 3-inch Invidia and it runs ID1300 injectors, a Walbro 450 fuel pump and stage 2 cams.


The close ratio gearbox is out of an Evo RS and so is the steering rack. It has a twin ceramic plate clutch, MCA Blue coilovers and braided Goodrich lines. The Brembos are awesome stoppers especially with Ferodo DS2500 pads.

A Whiteline 24mm rear sway bar controls the rear end with a stock front bar and the standard Evo8 MR Enkei 17×8 inch wheels carry Kumho’s impressive new V720 semi slicks.

I got it through rego even though it doesn’t have a compliance plate. Don’t ask.


I drive plenty of cars and few make me feel as good as the Evo6 on a whole lot of fronts. It absolutely rips, stops and corners, sounds awesome and looks intimidating and you can’t find that anywhere else for $35 grand. Better yet, it’s an `analogue’ car – no bullshit technology so driving it is all down to you……and that’s what I love most of all.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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