About Love to Drive

As one of Australia’s most experienced motoring journalists, you can rely on Peter Barnwell for the good oil on cars.

Love to Drive is designed for time poor people who love driving and want to cut straight to the chase for info on new and modified cars as well as have a laugh (or a snigger) at what’s said in the love to rant column.

It’s not word heavy like some other motoring media and yes, Barney can change a set of brake pads or rebuild a blown engine.

‘Who’s Behind LTD?’

I’m Barney – a lifetime motoring journo who started out jabbering on about motorcycles back in the ’80s then moving on to cars a few years later.

I have driven thousands of cars since and love pretty much every one of them, with notable exceptions.

I am sick and tired of people talking up electric and autonomous cars… they’re not cars they are moving boxes for peeps to travel in, soul-less transport for the masses who have no passion for cars.

Funny enough, many people still like driving, they like engaging with a machine for pleasure and fun. That’s what LTD is all about.