277,000km On Original Plugs


2007 Hyundai i30 SR

277,000km On Original Plugs


People love their cars for different reasons – for their performance, style, feel, age, sound, doesn’t matter but sometimes, that affection is down to simple honest service over a long period.

Lynne B is now  a rusted on Hyundai owner having had a couple of the Korean lovelies in the past two decades. The first was an SFX Coupe (google it if you don’t know) that refused to die until `it’ collected a roo out west.

That was after 300,000 plus trouble free kilometres.

Then in 2007 she bought a new i30 SR for about 30 grand – top of the range at the time and it came with quite a few luxuries, big alloys and a body kit along with the  2.0-litre petrol engine and five speed manual ‘box.

No powerhouse at 105kW/186Nm the i30 delivered respectable performance from its engine that consumes fuel at about 7.5-litres/100km.


Lynne has used the car pretty much every day in the past decade clocking 277,000km to date and has only put tyres, oil, oil filters and brake pads on it.

The service bloke asked last week when she last changed the spark plugs and the answer….never.

Not bad eh?

Wonder what brand they were?

And get this, it rarely sees the inside of a garage living outside in coastal Sydney most of its life with no visible corrosion or perished rubber to be seen.

Lynne says she likes the practicality of the five door i30 hatch which has a large load space when the rear seats are folded so she can use it like a van.


“I can get in the i30, drive 9-hours to Queensland and get out feeling good,’’ she said.

“About the only problem I have with the car is that people keep on running into it in carparks and the like so I just send it in to get the panels repaired or replaced.’’

“I’d buy an other i30 at the drop of a hat and am actually looking at the new model hoping it’s as goods as this one…’

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