Mercedes-AMG GT Roadsters

July 18, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Mind Benzing Louis Hammertone When I found out Mercedes-AMG was going to make the GT coupe I nearly wet my racing suit because I knew it would go like a pommie running away from […]

Carbon Tax on Cars

July 16, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

MORE CARBON TAX RUMBLINGS When a Federal Government minister flatly denies a new carbon tax is being proposed for cars you know there’s a fairly strong chance they are considering just that. It’s called `kite […]

2017 RAM LARAMIE 2500 Review

July 12, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

2017 RAM LARAMIE 2500 RAMMING HOME THE POINT Price $139,500 Ram trucks are super popular in the ‘States, less so here because they cost so much after being imported, converted to right steer not forgetting […]

Electric Frogs

July 9, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

French Drivers In For A Shock What is this obsession with fully electric cars.Nobody in their right mind wants one and that isn’t likely to change any time soon because the damn things are just […]

Pedestrian Pests

July 6, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

BAD BEHAVIOUR RAMPANT Every driver is a pedestrian so why do so many of us have such a bad attitude, sense of entitlement or descend into a trance when we get out of the car […]

2017 Mazda MX-5 RF GT Review

July 4, 2017 Peter Barnwell 0

FROSTY FASTBACK FUN DOING THE BRRRRRASS MONKEY IN MAZDA’S MX-5 RF 2017 MAZDA MX-5 RF GT. Price $43,890 There’s an element of perversity in driving an open top sports car through temperatures of minus seven […]