2017 Toyota C-HR Review

2017 Toyota C-HR

Toyota Flexes It’s Muscles With C-HR

Price from $26,990 to $35,290

If you need any more evidence that the small SUV category is booming look no further than Toyota’s stunning C-HR.

It absolutely leads the category in terms of standard equipment and driver assist technology, not just in the top of the range but across all four models.


Targeting younger buyers, C-HR follows the “smaller is better’’ engine capacity philosophy with its EU6 compliant, turbocharged 1.2-litre four cylinder engine that delivers impressive performance and fuel economy down to as little as 6.3-litres/100km.

There’s a six-speed manual and a seven step CVT auto both of which are well matched to the engine.

Front wheel drive or all wheel drive?

Doesn’t really matter they feel much the same from behind the wheel.


I drove the base model all wheel drive manual and the Koba front wheel drive CVT and both are great fun to drive to say nothing of the looks that grab plenty of attention on the street. Love the hidden rear door handles and Corolla size interior.

All C-HRs get satnav, alloys, dual zone climate control, two drive modes, active cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, auto high beam and wipers, front and rear park assist and plenty more.

The Koba scores leather and other upgrades not really necessary in the greater scheme of things.


Driving it is every bit as good as looking at it with plenty of acceleration and a light sporty feel. Functional too offering seats for five and a decent load space.

The ride is taut but still supple enough for everyday driving. Interior styling is every bit as striking as the outside and easy to use.

Is this the best Toyota on the market?

Quite possibly, certainly as good in its class as the 200 Series ‘Cruiser is in its. Gets my vote.


➔ Looks incredible

➔ Goes great

➔ Impressive driver assist features

➔ Well equipped for the money

➔ CVT transmission is pretty good

➔ Roomy interior

➔ Well calibrated ride/handling

➔ Pretty good on fuel

➔ Scores an EU6 emissions rating

➔ Impressive colour palette

➔ 5-year capped price servicing @ $195 a pop


➔ Requires 95 RON petrol

➔ Needs a Sport drive mode

➔ AWD kick off price is $31 grand

➔ Top of the range Koba is 1510kg


ENGINE: 1.2-litre direct injection turbocharged four cylinder petrol 85kW/185Nm

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual, 7-step CVT

THIRST: 6.3-litres/100km

WEIGHT: 1375kg to 1510kg

0-100KMH: about 8.5 seconds

ALTERNATIVES: Honda HR-V from $24,990, Mazda CX-3 from $20,490, Mitsubishi ASX from $25,000


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