2017 Toyota 86 TRD Review

Toyota 86 GT (TRD enhanced)

Price $30,790 plus approximately $5000 TRD (Toyota Racing Development) accessories

Make no mistake, Toyota’s 86 is a fun car to drive that delivers plenty of driver engagement in a stylish, affordable package. Quite a few have lobbed on my driveway over the past few years and some have made it to the track for a serious flogging.

Love to drive it?


Toyota put a base model GT out recently with a bunch of performance TRD components to sharpen its looks and handling and wow, what a transformation.

From an already high baseline in standard 86 form, this GT (plus) goes to another level with 18-inch tyres and wheels, sports sway bars front and rear, lowered stiffer springs tallying up close to five grand extra.

But it makes the recently revised 86 corner flatter and faster, steer sharper and respond quicker to driver input, especially now all 86s have a track mode with “everything off.’’

In the upgrade, the 86 scored extra power and torque (152kW/212Nm) from its 2.0-litre direct injection boxer four cylinder, revised styling front and rear with better aeros and LED head and tail lights, smaller steering wheel, and an interior upgrade.

Extra performance comes from new pistons, intake and exhaust, revised cylinder block and a lower diff’ ratio.

The TRD mods also give the 86 a more aggressive stance making it look better from all angles.


➔ High level of driver engagement…one of the best

➔ Impressive dynamics and rear wheel drive

➔ Affordable

➔ Striking looks

➔ Five star safety

➔ Track mode with everything off

➔ Slick gear change

➔ Comfy cabin with few omissions

➔ Decent audio, quick bluetooth hookup

➔ Snug sports seats

➔ Reasonable fuel economy


➔ Minimal rear seat legroom

➔ Sounds a bit naff in the cabin

➔ Needs more get-go to match the dynamics

➔ Clutch action feels too light


ENGINE: 2.0-litre direct injection petrol boxer four cylinder 152kW (man)/212Nm

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual

THIRST: Approximately 8.0-litres/100km

WEIGHT: Approximately 1200kg

0-100KMH: 6.5 seconds

ALTERNATIVES: Mazda MX5 RF $38,550, Subaru BRZ $32,990


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