2017 Nissan Pathfinder Ti AWD Review


2017 Nissan Pathfinder Ti V6 AWD

Price $66,190

Version one of the current generation Nissan Pathfinder was an ugly bugger with a thirsty engine that was, ah, to be kind, fairly ancient.

Nissan must have known because they responded earlier this year with the `right’ Pathfinder complete with more efficient direct fuel injection that delivers more power and torque, lower fuel consumption and consequently, fewer emissions.

The 3.5-litre, petrol V6 is now good for 202kW and 340Nm output while using a combined 10.1-litres/100km of regular fuel. Engine internals were also reworked for less friction.


Nissan didn’t stop there, they fixed the suspension with stiffer springs, quickened the steering response and adjusted the CVT auto transmission for sharper reflexes.

All Pathys including this leather clad high range model have seven seats and CVT transmissions.

They roll comfortably on independent suspension all round but have only 165mm ground clearance pointing to Nissan’s desire to make Pathfinder less of a hard core `fourbie.’

The AllMode all wheel drive offers 2WD, AWD and Auto from a dial between the front heated seats.


Ti Pathy weighs in at 2065kg and can tow up to 2700kg. I towed a car and trailer easily with the test vehicle.registering 15.1-litres/100km in the process – not bad given the speed we were travelling.


Ti Pathy is top of the range and scores plenty of kit like an 8-inch colour touch screen, SUNA satnav, premium Bose audio, motion activated tailgate, reverse camera and electric wheel adjustment.

It rolls on big 20-inch alloys with road oriented rubber.


Driver assist technology includes autonomous emergency braking, active cruise control and blind spot monitor among a decent array of safety kit.

Driving the beast is pretty good as it is smooth and quiet, has plenty of performance readily on tap and offers a high level of luxury for occupants.

Big too at over 5.0 metres long and the seats are easy to fold flat.

I have to change my mind about Pathfinder now…..


➔ Strong V6 petrol engine

➔ Relatively economical for size and weight

➔ Look better than before

➔ Generous amount of luxury kit

➔ Plenty of safety features

➔ Seven full size seats

➔ Stepped CVT auto feels like conventional auto

➔ Tows like a beauty

➔  Heated front seats appreciated in winter

➔ Comfortable ride

➔ Practical


➔ Can be thirsty

➔ Space saver spare

➔ Don’t venture too far off road

➔ Foot operated parking brake …yuk


ENGINE: 3.5-litre petrol V6 with 202kW/340Nm


THIRST: 10.1 litres/100km

WEIGHT: 2065kg

0-100KMH: about 8.5 seconds


ALTERNATIVES:  Toyota Kluger 3.5 Grande AWD  $69,617, Mazda CX9 Azami AWD $63,390.  


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