2017 Hyundai i40 CRDi Premium Tourer Review


2017 Hyundai i40 CRDi Premium Tourer

Price $44,850

Hyundai’s i40 is a bit of a sleeper in the range, a steady seller overshadowed by i30/Elantra and Tucson SUV.

It feels like a European model because it is… designed there, in Germany.

Initially pitched a bit high, the diesel Tourer Premium driven has plenty of appeal in particular the 1.7-litre turbo diesel engine now coupled to a twin clutch (DCT), seven speed `auto.’


It enables this largish 1692kg wagon to clock 5.1-litres/100km fuel economy as well as delivering plenty of performance across a broad speed range.

Smooth and quiet too. Ticks all round.

There’s a large cargo area down the back restricted a bit by the sloping roofline but the five seats are comfy and there’s plenty of luxury in the leather upholstered interior with heated front seats.

Driver assist features aren’t as numerous as some but the i40 Tourer gets a reverse camera, smart park assist, lane keeping assist, electric parking brake, auto hands free tailgate and auto headlights and wipers to name a few.


It’s been around for a few years now scoring a significant update late 2014 that brought the DCT transmission and drive mode select offering Eco, Normal and Sport.

The remote unlock button on the test car was a bit iffy possibly due to damage and the satnav was accurate most of the time.

I took the i40 on a longish trip as well as commuting and general running around and found it impressive on a number of fronts. It’s no sporty wagon limited by the front wheel drive but it sits firmly on the road, steers well and feels good to drive.

Like the looks of it too especially now with 18-inch alloys.

Gets a 5-star crash rating and has a 5-year unlimited km warranty.

Not bad at all….


➔ Super economical engine

➔ Plenty of performance

➔ Quiet running

➔ Seven speed auto shifts smoothly

➔ Decent amount of driver assist technology

➔ Generous luxury

➔ Impressive audio

➔ Roomy interior for five

➔ Heated seats, winter, you beauty

➔ Looks sleek

➔ Well priced

➔ Full size alloy spare


➔ Auto changes down too soon on downhills

➔ Satnav was a bit off the pace

➔ Front end becomes skittish when pushed

➔ Low rear roof and ridiculous sunroof


ENGINE: 1.7-litre turbo diesel with variable turbo, 104kW/340Nm

TRANSMISSION: 7-speed twin clutch auto

THIRST: 5.1-litres/100km

WEIGHT: 1692kg

0-100KMH: About 8.0 seconds


Mazda 6 Atenza wagon $49,540, Skoda Octavia TDi RS wagon $42,990, VW Passat 140TDi $49,490


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